Sandbox: wOBA by Pitch Location

Started playing around with more PITCHf/x data tonight…

View is from catcher’s perspective. Notice Ortiz’s hot zones middle in and middle up.

Stay tuned for how this develops.

2 thoughts on “Sandbox: wOBA by Pitch Location

  1. It might be interesting to see the strike zone box adjusted for player height and hand. Heights from Wyers: RHH (0.92+(Height/12)*.136) and (2.60+(Height/12)*.136). For LHH (0.35 +(Height/12)*.229) and (2.00 + (Height/12)*.229).

    Widths from Fast: RHH: -1.03 to 1 ft, LHH: -1.20 to 0.81 ft.

  2. @Chris -
    Re: SZ height. I used the mean of the sz top and sz bottom from all inputs from the PITCHf/x operator.
    Re: SZ width. I used the plate width. I’m intrigued by Fast’s numbers. I’ll look into his methodology. Looks interesting.

    As always, appreciate the feedback.