Hello to the Sabermetric Community

Hello to all baseball fans, coaches, players, front office personnel, and sabermetricians. Having launched Diamond Charts just a few months ago, we are at the infant stages of our dive into the sabermetric world. We’ve created this sabrlog as a fun outlet to document our endeavor. We encourage discussion and hope you won’t hesitate to point out flaws, whether in methodology or even simple oversights.

As former collegiate players and a current coach, we enjoy teaching the game. Thus, this sabrlog may also include a sprinkling of (hopefully) interesting aspects related to the fundamentals of baseball. Our current focus is on the collegiate game, so many of our articles will focus on some aspect of it. However we’ll often use MLB data to “learn from the pros” and make inferences to improve the college game. We’ll strive to provide high quality articles (in lieu of high quantity) that are both on point, yet deep enough to provide an accurate analysis. We hope you enjoy.

All the best,
Diamond Charts

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