Self scouting charts
We provide you your own charts as a teaching tool for your own team and see how opponents are preparing for you.
Multiple Updates Each Week
Have the most reliable and updated information at your fingertips for each opponent.
Batting Avg w/ RISP
Just one of the many stats available that would take your staff time to prepare, where they would rather be coaching players.
Detailed Spray Chart
Our scouting reports provide detailed spray results for an entire season’s ABs to better display a hitter’s tendencies. All of the player’s bunts, hits, and outs are clearly identified.
L/R Split Spray & Data
Breaking down a hitter’s tendencies relies heavily on the pitcher/hitter matchup. We provide data you can’t get anywhere else.
Season Stat Line
Simple. Clean. And it’s all there. Don’t spend time organizing data you pull from an opponent’s website. Allow us to organize the data for you.
Calculated Statistics – P/PA
Diamond Charts is used for more than just defensive placement. With calculated statistics like pitches per plate appearance (P/PA), programs use our charts as a foundation for their pitching strategy as well. Patient hitter? Get ahead with the fastball. Aggressive hitter? Pitch him backwards by leading with offspeed.
Calculated Statistics – GB/FB ratio
Know a hitter’s likely swing path days before he sets foot on your campus.
Previous 10 Games
Hitters catch fire, and hitters struggle. When he’s facing your pitcher, you’ll want to know which groove he's in.


How many games have you scouted?
» Diamond Charts’ current scouting database holds spray chart data for every NCAA Division I, II, & III team while covering approximately 98% of all games played in 2017. As the each season progresses, we will continuously update our database to keep charts up-to-date.
Do you give out free samples of our own team?
» Yes! We want to improve hitters at each level to make them better, more complete hitters who use the whole field. While we can’t promise a 48 hour turnaround like we do on our purchased products, we will deliver your personalized scouting report to you as quickly as possible.
After looking through our report and comparing to season stats, a few hitter’s charts display fewer homeruns than that player’s season cumulative. How come?
» Our analysis relies on publicly available information that occasionally does not always note the homerun location. Therefore, some hitters’ charts may display fewer homeruns than his/her total season count. Our product does analyze approximately 9 out of his every 10 at-bats.
Can you provide hitter’s spray charts against LHP and RHP?
» Absolutely. We recognize that hitters may have significantly different tendencies based off of pitcher handedness. We’ve worked diligently this offseason to improve our technology to incorporate L/R spray charts as requested from the top programs in the nation.
We already have someone dedicated to scouting our opponents, why do we need Diamond Charts?
» We can provide more data in an easy to analyze layout and free up his time to focus on other aspects of your program.
How do we receive the charts after we purchase one of your packages?
» They are delivered each week to a secure link just for your program.